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Entrepreneurship is the transition you want to create flexibility, meaning, and money in your life.

You crave this change, yet something keeps you stuck.
You think it’s just not the right time to leave a safe job.
You think you don’t have the resources to pull it off.

Hi, I’m Eva, and before I tell you about me, I’d like to bust some myths you might have. Your job doesn’t provide you real security and lack of resources is rarely the reason why entrepreneurs fail. (link to TR video)

What nobody tells you is that without clarity on your core foundation, your business will drain you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Or it can heal your life.

In 2002, I transitioned from my corporate job into entrepreneurship.

I was like so many corporate executives who look at the market opportunity instead of taking the time to explore whether their business idea aligns with who they are. I could have started on the path to fulfillment earlier.

To make a successful transition, you need to tap into the deepest resources within yourself and build mastery in the craft you were born to do. That’s what I can help you do that through mindset and mastery entrepreneurial training.


Creative Strategies, Fully You. We help freedom seeking entrepreneurs get the clarity and confidence to make the transition to entrepreneurship. Through our private one-on-one programs, we help you discover and express your creative gift and build a sustainable business platform around the life you want to live. Founded in 2004, New Leaf Creative Strategies is a branding consultancy dedicated to helping entrepreneurs who they are meant to become.

What stage of business are you in? We offer customized entrepreneur training and services to meet you where you are.

Are your many talents and passions leaving you scattered?
Connect all the dots to create the business you were born for and get your idea validated before you start on anything else.

How do you attract clients that you love working with? 
Create a unique marketing presence online by clarifying your brand positioning, message, and image.


How will you bring in leads consistently and grow sales? Become a master at bringing in consistent leads by being consistent with the right marketing.

If you’re interested in all three phases of building a legacy business, check out our 3-month program Brand Clarity and Confidence and go from idea to building a marketing platform that brings in consistent sales.

Making Visions Come to Life, Creativity and Strategically.
Action oriented steps that build upon each other to build the life you want. A slimmed down digital version of my main program for free.
Find out how to create an internal and external brand that attracts the evolved affluent consumer.
Dislike rules and how things are done in your industry? Find out to break out of the pack.

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Free Video Training: Why Intelligent People Fail as Entrepreneurs and How to Fix it.

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