Is this all there is?

Your calling starts as a whisper, a feeling of discontentment. The question “Is this all there is?” begins to run your mind. You realize a controlled environment of working for someone else is not your cup of tea. And you wonder what all those people do in coffee shops all day while you’re at work!

You don’t know where to start or how to make it happen. So you stay at your job. And each day that goes by, a little piece of you dies.

Hi, I’m Eva, and this was me 12 years ago. Finally, I surrendered to make the blind leap to entrepreneurship. And when I say blindly, I mean I didn’t have a transition plan – a clear path based my natural born talents, deepest desires, and values as my foundation.

Since then, I’ve evolved my business several times; each transition a new lesson, a discovery about what it takes to become an entrepreneur, wholeheartedly.

I decided to piece everything I’ve learned both in a program so mission-driven creative entrepreneurs could get the support they needed to transition out of their current job and into creating the business you were born to have.

About You: Thriving Mind, Body, and Soul

I can help you:

1) Discover your calling – the unique intersection of your life’s passions, gifts, and experience.

2) Package it in a way that is clear and compelling to your an audience, and is in alignment with your gifts, personality, and beliefs.

3) Build a marketing system that allows you to do what you love and keeps you from burning out.

And most importantly you come out a stronger, healthier person.

  • You will overcome your limitations in thinking during your transition.
  • You will gain a renewed sense of self, clarity, and confidence.
  • You will unearth new skills to express yourself.
  • You will have a definition of success that makes you happy and healthy.

A Whole Person Solution

What I longed for on my journey was an integrated mindset and business solution to keep me from making the mental and marketing mistakes that stop many entrepreneurs and me. I realized after hiring many different kinds of consultants and coaches that what I needed was a mentor to guide me step by step – one had the skills and heart to go the extra mile when I got stuck with the plan or the execution.

I’m different from other branding specialists because I am a highly intuitive. I get the “who you are” part and work with the whole you.

I’m different from “business/life coaches because I get the branding and communications part and how to build marketing & business systems that keep you from burning out.


Your business is an expression of who you are – a journey, a calling, a gift, or a big mess that you’ve decided to make your greatest blessing.

Whatever your big vision is, I am your passionate supporter because it’s my calling to help you see the brilliance in you and your life and put it into words and images so people understand your value.

Everything in your life has meaning when you see how all the pieces fit together.

Often the challenge is putting it all together in a brand so people understand what do you, why you do it, and how you can help them.

I can help you do that. If you’d like to set up a 10 minute “get to know you” call on skype, you can email me at [email protected]


: Here is the version PR professionals use.

Eva created Brand From Within to do what branding should do: expose what matters to you and connecting it to what the world needs. As creative & strategic branding expert, she combines an experienced intuition for what makes her clients stand out with the marketing expertise to turn ideas into living, successful brands.

After spending seven years in management consulting working with Fortune 500 companies on strategy, turnarounds, and business valuations, she went to work internally in focusing on what she loved, launching new products, brands, and marketing programs.

After 5 more years of grinding it out in corporate, she decided to go on her own and start New Leaf Creative Strategies to focus on working with nonprofits and social entrepreneurs.

She then went on to start Brand From Within when she saw knowing your soul is important to creating a business you and your customers love. Brand From Within combines self-development with brand strategy to create and implement execution plans that makes dreams real.

“Eva got me right away. She was able to see and articulate a brand – my vision in a tagline, who I best serve, and what I do best far beyond what I could see for myself. What’s different about Eva is her commitment to the execution, she helps you make the branding happen.  It’s truly inspiring to work with her.”

Kay Trotman

Free Video Training: Why Intelligent People Fail as Entrepreneurs and How to Fix it.

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