I’m finally full. And it’s not from all the food from the holidays, but a different kind of full.

This kind of full comes from letting go of my search for fulfillment.

Let me explain.

For so long, my life felt like one long search for purpose and fulfillment. While it sounds like a great focus, in the end, all that searching kept me lost.

Searching for a purposeful career became an obsession. And while it appeared healthy, it wasn’t ever enough.

My search for more meaning became a healthy obsession gone bad.

I was never full.

I’d find something wrong, dismissing all the hard work it took to accomplish those goals and feel empty again. How far I’d come didn’t seem to matter – it still wasn’t enough.

Do you feel full?

Beyond the role you play in your family, your career, and status with your friends – if you took all the layers off, and looked at the core of your being, would you feel whole?

If you’re a purpose driven entrepreneur like me, it’s hard not to feel a heavy weight on your shoulder to serve and change the world.

While that is a great goal, what if that drive is keeping you from fully enjoying life?

The definition of “fulfilled” has nothing to do with anything external.

In fact, the definition is simply to be satisfied or happy because of fully developing one’s abilities or character.


1. satisfied or happy because of fully developing one’s abilities or character.

The irony of it all is the search for purpose and fulfillment can be obstacle that keeps you from having the perseverance to reach your goal (more on that in next week’s post)

Is your search for purpose and meaning leaving you feeling empty?

If so, here’s are 3 simple steps to creating more fullness in your life

1. Living in alignment with your core values. This is what living your brand is about. Many people are driven by what others value without even realizing it. Feel good not because of what you’ve accomplished but the choices you made.

Action step: Write a list of 3 choices you made in alignment with your values and celebrate living in integrity with your truth. These are your most valuable successes.

2. Acknowledge your strengths. Did you know that people that focus on their strengths are 16 times more productive. Write a list of your strengths and reorient your life around them.

Action step: If you don’t know your strengths, a great way to find out how is to ask your closest friends what they admire about you. You could also take test like strengthfinders.com or discover your brand archetype which is a combination of your signature personality and strengths combined.

Often our strengths are so second nature, we take them for granted. Not seeing our greatness is one of the big reasons we make mistakes in marketing.

3. Feeling gratitude. We hear a lot about the power of gratitude. To really feel the impact of gratitude, you don’t just think it, you gotta feel it.

Action step: One of the best ways I feel gratitude happens when I’m in the midst of doing something. In one of my favorite books called “The Tools,” it’s called gratitude flow. It could a nice walk, a wonderful conversation with a friend, or simply feeling grateful for the person that you are.

3 things that keep us from feeling fulfilled and how to stop them

1. Reacting based on fear. When you are triggered and feel off balance, how quickly can you self manage yourself and get back on track. Life is a constant game to close the gap between what we are doing vs. what we are capable of doing. The next time you are triggered, stop and before you react, ask yourself what would make me proud?

2. Polluting your mind and body. Love yourself more by treating your body and mind like the most valuable treasure you will ever find. What are you feeding your body and mind? Be aware that everything you put into your body and mind (food and thoughts) have a consequence.

3. Not accepting what is. I can never be reminded enough to accepting myself and others. You and everyone else are enough. If life takes away from you, let it go because it’s keeping you from being fully alive in the moment.

Recently, a close friend of mine passed away. There were many great things about my friend, Ernie (he encouraged me to run 125 miles across the Rocky Mountains – more about that later, too).

What I loved about him most was his appreciation for life. As long as he could run and enjoy the trails, he felt like the luckiest guy on the planet. Here’s a picture of us enjoying the perfect day!

Imagine what would be possible in our lives with that kind of optimism. I wish I had the chance to tell him how grateful I was to have had him in my life.

And that leaves me to my final tip for maximum fulfillment. Think of someone that has had a positive impact on your life.  Give that person an impromptu call, letter, or gift to express your gratitude.

 Since my friend’s passing, I’m realizing more and more that life is too short. I created a marketing fast track program for people that want to get launched quickly. Connect with me at [email protected]  or click here for more information.

Have a fabulous week!