I resented my feminine side when I started my career. I thought it made me weak, – all my struggles seemed to come from qualities I associated with being “feminine.” But, in reality, I needed to set better boundaries. I was helping people who weren’t aligned with my values. I felt like I had to help because I was just “starting out” or because I didn’t know how to say “no”.

According to Oprah and Cheryl Richardson, author of many personal development books for women, “Setting healthy boundaries is the source of greatest struggle for women.”

Boundaries and Branding

When you create your brand, it’s an opportunity to create the new you. This means that you have clear guidelines on:

1) Who you want to work with,

2) What you want your business to be about and NOT about, and, 

3) Most importantly, How you want people to experience you—because that is what people remember and value most.

Your brand can be your guideline for setting clear boundaries and having people respect you for it.

Here are three questions you can ask yourself:

1. Is this action in alignment with my values?

2. Does this person respect my values? 

3. Am I clearly communicating what I stand for and what I DON’T stand for and why?

Imagine how stable and successful you could be with an unshakable core. That is what you can have when you Brand from Within.

I would love to hear your feedback on how discovering your core values gives you clarity and freedom in this area in your life. Leave a comment below.