Today is day 2 of the 6 day mini course on reinventing your life from within.
If you missed Day 1, the introduction to the series, you can check it out here
Day #2 Getting Naked with Yourself

In our desire to feel significant, we fill roles. Over time, we put on lots of layers of who we think we should be. Roles that were about other people’s agenda.
As we grew up, we forgot to let go of their expectations. We never really realized we had a choice.
Over time, people expect you to act a certain way. Especially with your family and friends.

Maybe you were the black sheep in the family or the perfect one.

As screwed up as it sounds, we all fill roles that make up our family dynamic and they can be hard to break. Eventually, we take projected feelings of how others perceive us. We fill those roles even if they don’t make us happy.

How do you think your friends, family, and acquaintances perceive you?
It’s a loaded question because we shouldn’t care about what others think of us.
But the reality is….perception is reality. You could be doing yourself a serious injustice but giving off an impression that doesn’t reflect your true self. And fueling an expectation that is taking the life out of you literally!
The good news is by getting clarity on your brand from within, you can create a beacon for yourself of how you want to affect others and how you want to be perceived.
If we are perceived differently than our intention, then we’re guilty of being poor communicators.

At the end of the day, life is about how you relate with other people. It’s the relationship you have with yourself and others. So we want to project the most optimal and authentic version of ourselves.

About 15 years ago, I decided to go travel by myself through Europe with no set plans or agenda.

I was curious how I would show up in a place where no one knew me and in a completely different environment. No memories that would remind me of my past. If I could tell you anything about who I was as a child, it would be I was painfully shy. My most memorable childhood moment was the day I raised my hand in class and spoke aloud. I thought the world might end from hearing myself speak. And now th irony is that I help those some people break free to speak aloud.

I put myself in situations where I need to be resourceful and independent. And what I discovered was a more outgoing and adventurous version of me. I easily met new friends that invited to me to travel all over Europe.

It was a life changing experience to observe and notice this more authentic version of myself. This experience still gives me confidence today that I can get through any situation with ease.
I still struggle with shyness but I’ve come a long way. I now help others that are reserved show up powerfully in their brand because I know how to relate with them.
Part of your brilliance are the “flaws” that you’ve overcome.
Here are some fun social experiments to have to discover that nonconformist side of yours!
Social Experiment #1
During the next week, experiment in social and family situations. It’s the perfect opportunity to remove all the layers of what has been expected of you. Action Step: Notice how others act towards you. Notice your automatic way of being. Is that the real you?

Social Experiment #2Then think about someone like a movie star or famous leader that you admire.

What values do they embody?
What attributes about their personality do you admire?

There is a reason why you gravitate towards them. Part of their personality is authentic to you.

For example, I love the way that Audrey Hepburn carries herself with grace. She’s my brand lexicon. I love her style. I think of her especially when I’m in stressful situations or I need to ask for the business or at a first meeting. I think about Audry because I love the way she carries herself and makes people feel.

Who is that person for you? Think about a persona that feels authentic and inspires you.

Action step: The next time you are out in a social situation preferably where you are meeting new people, try on that personLetting go of any past roles of what is expected of you or a need to feel loved from others. When you let go of seeking love, you find it within yourself and the end result is that you know how to generate the best kind of love.

Write me back and let me know what you discover.

Try this on for the New Year and have fun!