Welcome to Day 4. Today’s lesson is the one that I invest the most time in personally. It’s the one I struggle with most!
If you’re jumping in mid-way, you’ll want to catch up from the beginning because it’s the foundation. Each day builds upon the next.
Here’s a brief recap of the past few lessons.
Day 1/Stage 1: Do you Feel Significant?
Summary: You’ve got to know that it’s your birthright to be significant. There is a grand design for your life. The lesson here is to break away from needing to conform. Discover and let go of the influences that disempower you.
Day 2: Shed Your Conditioning
Summary: Next, you’ve got to remove the layers that you don’t want. Put on the layers that you do want. Recreate yourself. Life isn’t about discovering yourself, it’s about creating the person you want to be.
Day 3: The Hedgehog Principle: Finding Your Sweetspot
Summary: Now that we’ve got the foundation of who you are, it’s time to find your most profitable talent and how to package it so people understand our value. Look back at all the experiences and people that made you come alive. The key to success is leveraging the heck out of your talent.

I hope you enjoyed the free character strengths assessment. Here it is again if you missed it. http://www.viacharacter.orgDid you discover some new things about yourself or did it reconfirmed what you already knew?

It’s hard to see what we already know is our gift. It’s so second nature to us, that we can’t see it. This is a big reason why our busines and marketing misses the market. I’ll stretch to say life, too!

And it can be even harder to own our gift.Have you ever wondered why?

Mindset, particularly controlling our thoughts and fears are so much part of success. And happiness is largely a factor of being able to focus on what you want, when you want (aka mastering our mind).

That’s why today’s topic is on controlling your mind.

Have you ever had great idea for a product launch, create it and then fail to launch? Or maybe you gave up too soon right before your business was about to turn the corner.

Excuses sound like, “I need to do more research” or “my materials don’t look good enough,” or I’m not good enough.”You find a distraction to keep you from moving forward. You lose focus.

In today’s email, I’ll be sharing some tactical tips to help you launch your business effectively and the mindset and strategy traps that can sabotage you.
I’ll be addressing:
How do you own your brilliance and stop sabotaging it?

Once we have our focus, what stops us?

If you’ve ever had the experiencing of starting with great momentum and then slowly loosing steam, you’ll want to read on.
I certainly been there enough times to figure out how to get over that hump.

Here are some tips to prevent you from self-sabotage and wasting valuable resources and time:

1) Keep it Simple. You need to think of these 5 factors to evaluate your new business idea and you can find the answers when you launch quickly.

Does my idea:

(1) create or provide something of value that (2) other people want or need (3) at a price they’re willing to pay, in a way that (4) satisfies the customer’s needs and expectations and (5) provides the business sufficient revenue to make it worthwhile for me to continue operation. 

Everything else is a hobby. Keep it simple.

2) Launch with a minimal viable product. Get your product/idea out quickly. Not only does it prevent you from over thinking and trying to be a perfectionist, you get valuable feedback that helps you improve your idea.

Your motto should be ready, fire, aim. Not ready, aim, fire.

It’s a waste of our time and resources to try and analyze different scenarios if we haven’t actually tested it out in the market.

Don’t think yourself out of moving forward.

3) Do you believe your thoughts?

This is the lesson that I struggle with most.

Whenever we step into the unknown, our ego wants to keep us safe and thoughts of doubt naturally creep into our mind. That’s why it’s so important to develop an awareness of our thoughts.

I’ve found Byron Katie’s work to be practical and effective, not only in my professional life but personal as well.

Her work is based in the simple concept that most of us believe our thoughts are true. Our thoughts can be a source of pain, broken relationships, and dreams not pursued.

And we simply need to question them to break free from the limiting thoughts that keep us from what we want.

Byron Katie calls this process “The Work.”

Here is a summary of the steps of Bryon’s Katie’s, “The Work.”

Step 1: Notice the thought that is causing you pain and stress.

Step 2: Do a turnaround of the thought meaning make an opposite thought of what you were thinking. For example:

My business isn’t ready to launch yet.  Opposite: My business is ready enough to bring in business. What do I need to do next?

No one will want my service. Opposite: The right people will want my service.

I’m not ready yet. Opposite: I’m ready enough to launch.

She doesn’t love me. Opposite: She loves me.

Our brain is programmed to look for data to support our thoughts. So when we have more empowered thoughts, we’ll naturally find the data to support it.

Step 3: Then ask yourself, was my fear based thought really true?
Step 4:  Then ask again, do you know without a doubt my thought was true?
Step 5: Then ask yourself, how would I act if I didn’t believe this thought vs. if I did believe this thought. What would be the difference?

The differences on how you’d show up and the impact on your life are night and day.

Summary: My three tips include both strategy and mindset.

1) You need to have a plan based on some research that you are offering something that people need.

2) Create a compelling a launch plan based on your unique brand to reach those peope with your marketing most effectively.

3) Say out of your own way. (reference tip #3, Byron Katie’s work)

I wrote a poem and did a video for you:) on this week lesson. It’s something that I’ve never done before. Enjoy!

Try on these tips and let me know what you discover! I’d love to get feedback on this mini series I’m writing. Reply and let me know.