If you’ve been out marketing your offer, you’ll know that your ideal audience doesn’t quite “get it” yet. You need to find the right words, voice, and images that make them feel like you understand them and can help them solve their problems.

Now that you’ve gotten clear on the “what” of your business, the next step is to align your offer to what your ideal audience is seeking. This is where branding can help. In this stage, we help you:

1. Package and price your premium services
2. Position yourself distinctly so people know your difference
3. Develop your core message and signature brand story
4. Create a buzz-worthy brand image

When you brand from within first, you won’t ever feel at a loss in your marketing. You’ll be perceived as a business that’s unique, purposeful, and the first choice when people need what you offer.

You’ll know exactly what to communicate in person, on your website, in social media and it will be strategic. This means you’ll educate people on how and why you’re different from and better than the others in your market — without being sleazy or pushy.

Step 1: Position Yourself

Know Your Difference

  • Understand the gaps/weaknesses in your industry that are lucrative opportunities for you.
  • Know where you can positioning yourself distinctly and how to reach the customer that is searching for what you offer.

Step 2: Showing up as a Solution that Serves and Sells

Reframing Your Solution to the Transformation Your Customer is Seeking

  • Understand the conversations going on your customer’s mind and know how to craft your marketing messages as the solution they are willing to pay for.
  • Build your core messaging and know your key words such as tagline, headlines and search terms.

Step 3: Building a Brand Identity that Inspires and Elevates You

Showcase an Identity that Attracts Ideal Clients

  • Develop a strategy to turn the brand of you into an online identity that magnetically inspires your audience to say yes to working with you.
  • Create a plan to integrate this new identity into your visual brand so that your brand works for you instead of you working hard to attract your ideal clients.

Step 4: Creating a Story and Connects, Captivates and Converts

Tell a Compelling Story and Convert More Clients

  • Turn your inner brand into a captivating story and message platform that clearly expresses your passion, why you do what you do and how your natural gifts solve the problems of your ideal clients.
  • Craft your unique point of view that easily attracts the audience you want to serve and weave it into you’re the core offerings of your brand.

This stage is right for you if:

  • You are already clear on your offer – the WHAT of your business.
  • You’re looking for the right language to market to your ideal audience.
  • You want to elevate your positioning with your peers by standing out with your difference.
  • You need a brand to pull all the pieces together in a visually and verbally to grow your online presence.
  • You want more clarity on the elements that make you unique – your voice, archetype, image, and story.
  • You know yourself deeply and are self-aware enough to know when you are sabotaging yourself.

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