Time Management taking best break to rejuvenate tired entrepreneurs

How was your last break? Did you go from reading a business document on your computer to playing a game of Angry Birds on your phone? Maybe you lost track of time. Maybe you returned to work feeling more tired and less motivated. 


I think it’s time to get over “break fatigue” for good!


A Golden Break is both energizing and motivating. It hits your reset button and brings you back to full-force. 


What does real rejuvenation at work look like?


1. Congratulate Yourself


Congratulations! You just completed some work. Take two minutes to appreciate what you’ve done. Reflect and feel good. 


Don’t worry too much about what you still need to do. If you are anxious about something you’ve completed, your break will be filled with stress. It won’t be a break, really. 


Feeling satisfied will set your mind free. Then, you’ll be able to relax. 


If you are still unsettled by uncompleted tasks, make a list. Write down the things that are bothering you. Put them to rest on that piece of paper. Then promise to finish them after your break. Remember that a Golden Break is essential to completing the list. So, leave those tasks be for now, or they’ll never get done.


2. Keep it Black and White


Never take half a break.


After working 2-4 hours, it’s time to switch tasks completely. Leave the grey area behind. If you work at a computer, leave all screens. If you work with people, take time alone in silence. 


It’s easy to trick yourself into believing you’re taking a break, when you really aren’t. 


Would you eat the 3 meals every single day? No. Your taste buds would lose interest and your nutrition would suffer. 


Similarly, your brain gets exhausted when it has only one thing to do. It burns out. It loses interest. So, refresh your mind with something new. 


My favorite break of all is going for a walk on a sunny day. In winter I like to stretch by the fire.


3. Become Self-Serving


Your break is your time. Focus on rebalancing your mind and body. Maybe your back hurts and you need to stretch. Maybe you’re hungry and need to eat. 


Be honest about what your body needs, not wants. You probably don’t “need” some sugar after working for a long period of time. Try refreshing yourself with a drink of water and a new setting.


Your work and your business are secondary during your break. This is a moment to understand your needs as an individual. A healthy mind and body are keys to being more productive.