There is nothing more satisfying for me than when I see people realizing their dreams. I love it when people find their calling through discovering their talents and crossing it with what the world needs most.
But none of that really matters if we don’t how to love ourselves and know how to express our gifts to the world. It feels like no one gets our value or what we really do. And we end up on a hamster wheel, never feeling like we are enough. We burn out and feel misunderstood.
That’s why I’ve dedicated the past week to writing a 6 day email series on how-to discover your brilliance and love yourself more.
You’ll see how finding your sweet spot in life and loving yourself are so closely tied to finding success and happiness in life.
I’ll be covering these topics:
Day 1: Do you Feel Significant?
Day 2: Getting Naked with Yourself
Day 3: The Hedgehog Principle: Find Your Sweetspot
Day 4: Control Your Mind & Master Your Business
Day 5: Living Your Values: Creating Consistency is the Key
Day 6: Love Yourself More and Become Visible (without caring)
Consider this 6 days of personal letters from me to you.

I must confess that I’m writing this as much for me as you;) I hope you find it helpful as you start the New Year.


Day 1 Introduction: DO YOU FEEL SIGNIFICANT?
It’s a core value that is important for many of us to feel.

It’s also a core value that is considered a meta value. These are core values that everyone has a need to feel. Some other meta values are love and peace. They are universal values because they are our birthright to experience as a human being.

So if we all have a right to feel this way, why don’t we all feel this way?

It’s because society rewards conformity. We are pressured to “fit in” in order to feel accepted.

The result is that we blend in with the crowd and we become boring. That’s why our marketing isn’t memorable.

If there is only one of us in the world, then why do we feel pressured to conform?

It’s because we seek approval and we loose sight of what makes us different. As a result we feel insignificant.

As Don Miguel Ruiz says in his book Four Agreements, “You didn’t choose your religion or your moral values, they were chosen for you before you were born.” This means your parents’ beliefs, your culture’s beliefs, and the media has influenced the YOU you are today. There are thousands of voices in your head telling you what to do and how to be. Growing up, we never knew we had a choice.

And it has greatly influenced how your view yourself and your abilities!
We wonder why we have a hard time see our brilliance and making a fulfilling life and career out of it.
We wonder: Why am I not memorable?
                    Why don’t I really know who I are.
                    Why do I feel so insignificant.

I have a solution for you. Reinvention is about change and the only way that can happen by letting go of the past and beliefs that aren’t your truth.

Contrary to the popular saying, you are a sum of your experiences, you ARE NOT a sum of your past. Everyday is a new opportunity to create yourself newly on a blank slate. It’s your choice.

Discover your brilliance and falling in love with yourself. It’s the fastest path to creating a life you love out of your unique values and talents.

If you’d like to reinvent who you are for the New Year, you won’t want to miss the next 5 days.

Remember, significance is your birthright. There is only one person like you on the entire planet. Let that sink in. You are meant for something big.

Anything is possible when you own and know your brilliance.