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Meeting Your Ideal Audience Where They Are to Create A Brand People Pay Attention To

The beauty of branding is that it’s not about YOU!
It’s the biggest myth and mistake.
And to reach them, you’ve got to meet them where they are to grab their attention. Adam was performance coach for aspiring singers and actors, and his current branding and message didn’t resonate with his target audience.

What he knew to be true about the key to becoming a great singer was that it was an internal state of becoming fearless on stage, not the mechanics of voice, but his audience didn’t know that yet.Through our branding process, we changed the name from Fearless Singer Academy to Instant Rockstar System. Teens want instant gratification, they want to be rockstars, and they like systems not academies.

 We took Adams passion for personal development and performing to brand his products and coaching programs as the Rockstar Mentality.
And to reach his audience, we created a series of content that would address the immediate questions that his audience was searching online about auditioning.
We got them engaged by address their concerns and then educated them on what the internal game of becoming a rockstar was much more important than the external mechanics of being a good singer.