Once upon a time, the richest king of all the lands decided to grant Three Aspiring Entrepreneurs their choice of three treasures.

The first option was 5 million in coins. The second was the ability to acquire any talent. And the third was a strategic and positive mindset.

The First Aspiring Entrepreneur (we’ll call him Joe), immediately stepped forward. “Everyone knows that it takes money to make money,” he said. So he chose 5 million in coins to fund his start-up. Feeling like he’d won the lottery, he could barely contain himself as he flew out the door, scheming ways to quadruple his fortune.

The Second Aspiring Entrepreneur (“Sam”) had always wanted to be a Life Coach. But he’d never gone for it, because he didn’t have the guts to quit his day job. “I’ll choose the special talent,” he said. Excited that he could finally make a living from something he loved to do, Sam couldn’t wait to quit his day job that he was wasting his life at.

The Third Aspiring Entrepreneur (“Carol) knew that having the right business strategy plus a “can do” mindset was the priceless key to her success. She accepted the third treasure and walked away feeling a sense of peace and liberation.

The King sent them on their way and asked them to return in one year to report back on their progress

Joe came back looking very perplexed and distraught. He’d squandered all of his money on get rich quick schemes and ended up in a J-O-B that makes him miserable. He felt like he was worse off than when he started.

The King replied, “Your gullibility has made youthe laughing stock of all the scam artists in town. And now you’re penniless. I’m sending you to solitary confinement so you can figure out what you really want for your life.“

Well, we all know the morale to his story.

Don’t start a business just to make money. Create something with a clear vision and mission. And let your passions fuel your plans.

Lesson #1: Money is energy, and love and joy are the highest vibrations of energy. 

What do you love? What are the reasons you got into business or want to go into business for yourself?

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The King then summoned Sam for a report. He returned very tired and could barely speak. He had worked tirelessly this past year and had clocked over 10,000 hours in this new trade.

“What an extraordinary feat!” said the King, “How much money have you made?“

In a faint whisper, Sam replied “After my expenses, nothing. In fact, I’m deep in debt. I overspent on marketing to everyone. The people that were attracted to my marketing were recently divorced women that needed therapy. Many of them couldn’t afford to pay my rate so I had to lower it. After paying my business expenses, I’m broke.”

“How could you have wasted such a talent on people that couldn’t pay you?” replied the King. “You could have consulted my brave and noble Knights. They all want to be in my Inner Circle and know they need coaching to get to that next level. They would have paid you handsomely for your services.”

Your passion business is not a charity or expensive hobby.

Lesson #2: Have you strategically chosen the right target audience that values what you have to offer and will gladly pay for it?

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Finally, the King summoned Carol for her report. She’d been waiting a long time for her turn, and was overjoyed at the chance to share with the King.

Like Sam, Carol had also wanted to be a Coach.  But she chose to work only with men around improving relationships and more specifically around their “mom and dad” issues.

When the King heard this, he thought Carol was crazy. She must be out of her mind, how will she ever get men to talk about their relationship issues? It’s hard enough to get them to open up about anything other than their last great golf game.”

And that was the key. You see, Carol had been a professional golfer and had given up that passion to pursue a more meaningful career as a Life Coach.

When she combined both of her passions, she became the Golf Life Coach with a specialty on mental game.

Men flocked to her for help in breaking through the mental barriers of their golf game so they could boost their scores.

All the negative things these men said to themselves on the golf course were also same sick beliefs that were ruining their relationships off the course. And very conveniently, those all stemmed from the relationships they had with their mommy and daddy! She helped them apply what they learned on the golf course to their life and in the process, they drastically improved both their life and golf games.

She’d created a unique way to reach her audience and packaged what she did in a way that was fun, creative, and desirable to her target audience.

She had a blast playing golf, coaching, and got paid nicely for doing what she loved.

Carol knew that with the right strategy, she could discover her most purposeful and profitable talent.

And then package her services in a way that would take her from being a commodity of thousands to a category of one.

(true stories with names replaced)

Lesson #3

How have you creatively packaged what you do? Have you capitalized on your sweet spot and what the world needs most from you?

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