“When I get my business in a good place, then I’ll focus on my relationships.”

These were words that I said to myself and others for over 10 years.  

So I kept putting it off until one day noticed my life felt empty. I was running on empty.

And that someday never came. I didn’t have the support structure from my relationships to sustain me or my business. My 1st business never turned a profit and I threw in the towel, depressed and in debt.

I thought I needed to sacrifice one part of my life so I could focus on other parts.  “I don’t have the time or energy to focus on that right now,“ was my  excuse.

It was my “out” to not deal the issues I didn’t want to deal with. My business became my escape.

Truth is, I didn’t have the time to NOT focus on my relationships. The unresolved issues crept up in other ways and I ended up sabotaging my business.   

It wasn’t until I focused on my health, relationships, and mindset that my business started to flow. I started to make money and attract the most perfect clients – the ones who make my work rewarding and fun.

The universe wants things to be right. It’s not a coincidence this happens ALL.THE.TIME.

Excuses are the Killers of Dreams.

waiting room of your life

Sitting in the waiting room of your life sounds like this:

When my business makes more money, then I’ll focus on my health.

Or, I just need to get a bit more experience, attend one more event, training or certification before I’m ready to launch my dream business.

I’ll focus on fixing that relationship when I get my business to a more stable place.

Are you waiting for something to happen in another part of your life before you focus on something else that’s vital for your health and happiness?

Maybe you believe you can’t have it all – that you need to sacrifice one part of your life for another because of time, money or something else?
The reality is that when you have all three cylinders (Optimal Health, Relationships, and Mindset) running well, like a finely tuned engine, you go faster, with greater ease and efficiency.

It’s the foundation of “you” that determines your success. And it’s not about money – it’s your vitality, health, and happiness. But when you’re healthy, you’re happy, because you feel good from the inside out and that makes success automatic.

Evolving into the Potential of You

The Universe gives us challenges that help us evolve. Often, those challenges feel like the annoying “blister” on our finger. We can function with them, but if we ignore them for too long, they become an infection that really hurts.

The deciding factor that determines whether you struggle or flow with ease and grace is how you deal with small blisters – the small things that you normally might ignore. They add up to big consequences in your business and life.

Being in the branding business, I help people creatively and strategically package what they do. I bring out the potential of the person inside and make it come to life in products, services, and digital branding.

None of that matters if they don’t show up as the full potential of who they are.

And the “one thing” dragging you down is happening behind the scenes – whether it’s your health, mindset or relationships.

Every action has a consequence — from what you put into your mouth and mind to how you show up for yourself and others.

That’s why in Creating the Brand that You Were Born to be, we strengthen the whole you and create a holistic and healthy way to get to your dream business.

There’s no point getting to your dream business or climbing the corporate ladder if it’s costing you your life.

At the end of the day, don’t you just want to be happy and healthy?

The common thread of successful, happy, and healthy people are:

1)    Expression of the authentic you.

Life is exhausting when you can’t express your full potential. Find an outlet whether it’s your work or play that you can express your highest best self.The best way to discover your full potential and make a profitable living from it, is to contact me!;) 

If making a living is costing you your life, you’ll want to check out my complimentary training series on how to create more play, passion, purpose, and profits in your life.

2)    Self care for the optimal you:
A plan for 1) nutrition 2) exercise, 3) connection to nature, 4) relationship building, 5) community service/mentoring, and 6) stress management.

You must to schedule these in like any important appointment. Otherwise, they get ignored!

I challenge you to schedule in 6 hours PER WEEK on selfcare.

Here is an example of what you can do. Customize one for you.

  • Spend 1 hour on Sunday making and planning for food and snacks for your week. The reason why you eat junk food is because you don’t have anything else around.
  • Schedule in 3 times a week to run and/or take a walk in nature. Doing it with a buddy (see below and you get two healthy & happy things done at once).
  • Call up a friend or family that always makes you feel good and spend time with them.
  • Reach out to someone that could use your help but doesn’t like to ask. Or volunteer in an organization you believe in.

If you’re interested in upleveling the whole you in creating your dream business and life, check out my new program here.

Life’s too short. Stop waiting for someday and start living now.